OWL was forged in 2007 in the infernos of proto-metal, twin harmonies, and doom. By 2010, an album’s worth of minimal demo(nic) riffage and draconian indulgence surfaced in Jackson, California, propagated by two brothers -- Axell Baechle (guitars, vocals, piano) and Alex Baechle (guitars, vocals) -- and piqued the interest of industrious local artist and drummer Clint Baechle. OWL played their first show at a barbeque off MLK Street in the proving ground of Oakland’s then house scene.

Somehow it all clicked. DIY funds materialized from hard work and dedication and their self-titled LP followed in November 2012, as principal songwriter Axell sweated out the resins of literature, the Bush years, and job loss. OWL toured for more than two years before releasing the full-length road-bomber Screech on tape in 2014 and vinyl in 2015. Original bassist Melanie Burkett eventually fled the band amicably to pursue endeavors outside of music.  

GIGS (Date of gig links to set list, if available)

5.29.10  Couch Palace, Oakland, CA    w/Hazzard's Cure FLYER
1.7.11    Victory Warehouse, Oakland, CA    w/Lecherous Gaze, Pigs, Hightower, Thea FLYER
3.12.11  Sugar Mountain, Oakland, CA    w/ Knifey Spooney, Drunk Dad, Cotton Dick FLYER
3.17.11   SubMission Gallery, San Francisco, CA    w/ Oroku, Rat Damage, Hornss FLYER1 FLYER2
3.19.11   Hazmat Warehouse, Oakland, CA    w/ Future Skulls, Lord Dying, Hornss FLYER
6.15.11   Sugar Mountain, Oakland, CA   w/ Sanctuary In Blasphemy, Hazzard's Cure, Badr Vogu  FLYER
6.22.11   The Knockout, San Francisco, CA    w/ Flood, Hollow Mirrors FLYER
7.5.11    Eli's Mile High Club, Oakland, CA    w/ On Lock, Begotten FLYER1 FLYER2
7.24.11  Hazmat Warehouse, Oakland, CA    w/ Lord Dying, Nether Regions, Dopapeli, Psycho Enhancer FLYER
7.30.11  Eli's Mile High Club, Oakland, CA    w/ Ghetto Blaster, Funeral Stain FLYER

7.31.11  HQ, Reno, NV    w/ Z-28s, P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. FLYER
8.1.11    The Alibi, Arcata, CA
8.3.11    The Know, Portland, OR    w/ Lord Dying, Drunk Dad
8.4.11    Galway Arms, Seattle, WA    w/ Dark Depths, Whyte Leathur FLYER
8.6.11    The Alleyway, Portland, OR    w/ Diesto
8.7.11    Musichead, Medford, OR  w/ Landmine Marathon

8.13.11   Bender's, San Francisco, CA    w/ Orb Of Confusion, Hazzard's Cure, Hellship, Floating Goat FLYER
8.26.11   Eli's Mile High Club, Oakland, CA  w/ Glitter Wizard, Winter Ox, Warm Blood FLYER
9.17.11   138 Gordon Drive, Jackson, CA    w/ Blind Pig FLYER
10.9.11   Eli's Mile High Club, Oakland, CA    w/ The Fucking Wrath, Begotten, Razor Hoof FLYER
10.15.11  Born Dead Bar, Oakland, CA  w/ Badr Vogu, Wilt,  Bruxers, Vulvalard FLYER
10.18.11   Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco, CA  w/Kicking Spit, Huff Stuff Magazine FLYER
11.11.11   Eli's Mile High Club, Oakland, CA    w/Christian Mistress, Prevail FLYER
12.10.11  El Rio, San Francisco, CA    w/Grayceon, Hollow Mirrors FLYER
2.17.12   Sugar Mountain, Oakland, CA    w/Gypsyhawk, Glitter Wizard, Space Vacation FLYER1 FLYER2

4.2.12    Le Voyeur, Olympia, WA    w/Blackbird, George Lain FLYER
4.3.12    The Shakedown, Bellingham, WA    w/Thrones, Helms Alee FLYER
4.4.12    The Astoria, Vancouver, BC    w/ On Lock, Team Angst
4.5.12    Troyler Castle, Victoria, BC    w/ Skin  Color, Unfun
4.6.12    The Josephine, Seattle, WA    w/ Rabbits, Monogamy Party, Gaytheist, Android Hero FLYER
4.7.12    Someday Lounge, Portland, OR    w/ Danava, Lord Dying, Billions And Billions

4.14.12    Bender's, San Francisco, CA    w/ Sean Smith Trio
4.28.12    Merchant's, Oakland, CA    w/ Ripper, Proudflesh, Midnite Brain FLYER
5.5.12    Velvet Whistle, Oakland, CA    w/ Lecherous Gaze, Broxa, R.I.P. FLYER
5.26.12    Thee Parkside, San Francisco, CA   w/ Across Tundras, Electric Shepherd, Hollow Mirrors FLYER
7.6.12    Chris' Club, Vallejo, CA    w/ Lecherous Gaze, The Yaks, Girls In Suede
7.7.12    El Rio, San Francisco, CA    w/ Flood, Asada Messiah FLYER
7.26.12    Winter's Tavern, Pacifica, CA    w/ Serpentcrown FLYER
7.28.12    Bender's, San Francisco, CA    w/ Wild Eyes
7.29.12    The Stork Club, Oakland, CA   w/ Heavy Voodoo, Billions And Billions, Hollow Earth
9.1.12    Casa Sandinista, Oakland, CA    w/ Kicking Spit FLYER
9.8.12    Merchant's, Oakland, CA    w/ R.I.P., Elegy FLYER
10.6.12    Sugar Mountain, Oakland, CA    w/Rabbits, Diesto, Dark Earth FLYER
10.19.12    Lucky 13, Alameda, CA    w/ Black Cobra, Iron Mountain FLYER
11.4.12    Ouijii Bar, San Francisco, CA    w/Hornss, Oakworm, Cardinal Wyrm FLYER

11.6.12    Johhny B's, Medford, OR    w/ Tengueska
11.7.12    East End, Portland, OR    w/Rabbits, Heavy Voodoo, Crag Dweller FLYER
11.8.12    New Frontier, Tacoma, WA    w/Lozen, Blunt Force FLYER
11.9.12    Mars Bar, Seattle, WA    w/Blood Of Kings, LB! FLYER
11.10.12    VFW Hall, Missoula, MT   w/Consequence, Gretchen FLYER
11.13.12    The Wisco, Madison, WI    w/Czarbles, Mellow Harsher FLYER
11.14.12    Quarters, Milwaukee, WI    w/Lord Brain, Soup Moat FLYER
11.15.12    Ultralounge, Chicago, IL    w/Bible Of The Devil, Winterhawk
11.16.12    Smiling Moose, Pittsburgh, PA    w/Derketa, Ratface, Pissbath
11.17.12    Barclay House, Baltimore, MD    w/Endless Bummer
11.18.12    Mill Creek Tavern, Philadelphia, PA    w/Atriarch, Sadgiquacea, Sea Of Bones FLYER
11.20.12    Dusk, Providence, RI    w/Sweet Love, Resilence FLYER
11.21.12    The Acheron, Brooklyn, NY    w/Kicking Spit, Lawsuits FLYER
11.23.12    Uncle Crummies, Boston, MA    w/Elder, Meth Valley
11.24.12    Thompkins House, Brooklyn, NY    w/Warthog, Acid Problem FLYER
11.25.12    The Alamo, New Brunswick, NJ    w/Sea Creature, Eternal Fuzz 
11.26.12    Ray Cappo's Cantina, New Brunswick, NJ    w/Kicking Spit, Bible Thumper, Trash Ride
11.27.12    Strange Matter, Richmond, VA    w/Dumb Waiter
11.28.12    CFBG, Greensboro, NC    w/Irata, Drag Sounds
11.29.12    The Get Down, Asheville, NC    w/Enoch, Birth FLYER
11.30.12    Avalon House, Murfreesboro, TN    w/Pissbath, Guide, Roman Polanski's Baby
12.1.12    Moped Warehouse, New Orleans, LA    w/Vibe Ruiner
12.2.12    Mango's, Houston, TX    w/Sweat Lodge, Crime Wave FLYER
12.3.12    Bryan Street Tavern, Dallas, TX    w/Vaults Of Zin, Terminator 2 FLYER
12.4.12    Beerland, Austin, TX    w/Sweat Lodge, Hot Rails To Hell
12.5.12    The Trainyard, Las Cruces, NM   w/ Oryx, Vomit Cross
12.6.12    Tempe Tavern, Tempe, AZ    w/Dead Canyon, Goya, Kuato and Quaid FLYER
12.7.12    Lethal Amounts, Los Angeles, CA    w/Yidhra, Pendulous FLYER
12.8.12    Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco, CA    w/Lecherous Gaze, Wild Eyes FLYER

1.4.13      Eli's Mile High Club, Oakland, CA   w/Castle, Hollow Mirrors, Bedrücken FLYER
2.12.13    The Knockout, San Francisco, Cw/White Barons, Winter Teeth  FLYER
3.2.13      Bender's, San Francisco, CA   w/ Pins Of Light, White Barons, Wild Eyes FLYER
3.8.13      Winter's Tavern, Pacifica CA   w/ Heavy Action, Sons Of Intrepid FLYER
3.20.13    Stork Club, Oakland, CA   w/ The Shrine, Dirty Fences, Buffalo Tooth FLYER

3.28.13    Billy O's, Ventura, CA w/Menace, Hero's Funeral, Surprise Vacation FLYER
3.29.13    Ice House Tavern, Phoenix, AZ  w/Ace High, Dead Canyon FLYER
3.30.13    Tin Can Ale House, San Diego, CA w/Shaking Pyramid, Harsh Toke FLYER
4.1.13      The Pink String, Oakland, CA w/ Crag Dweller, Wild Eyes FLYER

4.5.13      The Jury Room, Santa Cruz, CA  w/ Hot Lunch, Occult Wisdom FLYER
4.6.13      Thee Parkside, San Francisco, CA  w/ Grayceon, Winter Teeth FLYER
4.19.13    Shirley Temple Of Doom, Oakland, CA w/ Cold Blue Mountain, Connoisseur FLYER 1  FLYER 2
4.22.13    Elbo Room, San Francisco, CA w/Cannons & Clouds, Bad Powers FLYER
6.6.13      Eagle Tavern, San Francisco, CA w/ Slough Feg, Wounded Giant FLYER
6.7.13      Cooper's, Nevada City, CA w/ Hornss, Mount Whateverest FLYER
8.3.13      Merchant's Saloon, Oakland, CA w/ Midnight Chaser, Hell Fish FLYER

8.23.13    MNCS Warehouse, Oakland, CA w/ Crag Dweller, Dead Man, Serpents Of Dawn FLYER
8.24.13    Bender's Bar And Grill, San Francisco, CA w/ Crag Dweller FLYER
8.25.13    The Greenhouse, Concord, CA w/ Crag Dweller,  Absolem, Catapult The Dead FLYER
8.27.13    Billy O's Tavern, Ventura, CA w/ Crag Dweller, Hero's Funeral, FBA FLYER
8.28.13    Cheetah's Strip Club, Los Angeles, CA w/ Deathkings, Crag Dweller, Occult Wisdom FLYER
8.29.13    El Tigre, Tijuana, BC w/ FMDK, Crag Dweller, Garth Algar FLYER
8.30.13    Til Two, San Diego, CA w/ Crag Dweller, Wild Honey, Occult Wisdom FLYER 1  FLYER 2
8.31.13    Palo Verde Lounge, Tempe, AZ w/ Dead Canyon, Antique Scream FLYER 1   FLYER 2
9.1.13      District Tavern, Tucson, AZ w/Conqueror Worm, Muskhog
9.3.13      The Mix, San Antonio, TX w/ Pillcrusher FLYER
9.4.13      Hotel Vegas, Austin, TX w/Sweat Lodge, Ditch Witch FLYER

9.5.13      Taqueria Pedritos, Dallas, TX w/ Kallahonka, Mountain Of Smoke FLYER
9.6.13      The Launchpad, Albuquerque, NM w/ Edith, Black Maria, The Lymbs FLYER
9.7.13      Lost Lake Lounge, Denver, CO
9.8.13      Burt's Tiki Lounge, Salt Lake City, UT w/ Downfall Of Gaia, Black Table, Portal To The Goddamn       

                    Blood Dimension, Man-Ape
9.9.13      The Red Room, Boise, ID w/ The Dark Harlequin, Rise Of The Fallen FLYER
9.10.13    The Track House, Olympia, WA w/ Vanguard!, Tummer & Solomon FLYER
9.11.13    Cabin Tavern, Bellingham, WA - w/ Ancient Warlocks, Naughty Blokes
9.12.13    Second Cycle Bike Co-op, Tacoma, WA w/ Tummler & Solomon, Fang Shia FLYER
9.13.13    Black Lodge, Seattle, WA w/Sciatica, Wounded Giant, Sioux City Pete, Adorazione Del Diavolo FLYER
9.14.13    The Alleyway, Portland, OR w/ Disastroid, Humours FLYER

9.28.13    Winter's Tavern, Pacifica, CA w/ Quart Of Blood Technique etc. 
9.29.13    The Bone Hole, San Jose, CA w/ Cheifs
10.13.13   Arlene Francis Center, Santa Rosa, CA w/ Volture, Ruleta Rusa, Vibrating Antennas, Hellbømber
10.15.13   DNA Lounge, San Francisco, CA w/ Diamond Head, Raven, Volture

11.2.13     El Rio, San Francisco, CA w/ Black Cobra, Hot Lunch FLYER

11.7.13 Haus, Kassel, Germany w/ Slack Bird, 3B.P. FLYER
11.8.13 Cafe Tiko, Erfurt, Germany
11.9.13 Kastaneinkellar, Berlin, Germany w/ Kylmä Sota, Nature Boys
11.10.13 Bar Studio, Warsaw, Poland w/The Saturday Tea POSTER
11.11.13 Kulturecafé Manfred,Leipzig, Germany w/ Rotorhammer
11.12.13 Klub, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic w/Boneyard
11.13.13 Plan B Cafe, Ostrava, Czech Repulic
11.14.13 Arena, Vienna, Austria w/ Pastor
11.15.13 MKNZ, Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenia w/ Nature Boys
11.16.13 Tetris, Trieste, Italy, w/ Black Mamba Rock Explosion
11.17.13 Klub Fest, Belgrade, Serbia w/ Loud, Stvor
11.18.13  Mochvara, Zagreb, Croatia w/ The Pathetics, The Worriers
11.19.13 Channel Zero, Ljbljiana, Slovenia
11.20.13 Circus Club, Scandicci (Florence), Italy
11.21.13 Sinister Noise, Rome, Italy
11.22.13 Cafe Albatross, Pisa, Italy w/Sinkingelephant
11.23.13 Hauptquartier, Basel, Switzerland w/ Wittershins, King Legba and The Loas
11.24.13 Rümpeltum, Sankt Gallen, Switzerland w/ Jackslamer
11.26.13 La Graviere, Geneva, Switzerland w/ Verdun
11.27.13 Sala Rocksound, Barcelona, Spain
11.29.13 Armazem Do Cha, Porto, Portugal w/ Ana Paris
11.30.13 Bafo de Baco, Loule, Portugal w/ Zagallotte
12.1.13 Estudantino Café, Viseu, Portugal w/ Os 4 Estrangieros
12.3.13 Heretic Club, Bordeux, France w/ Striker, Screamer, Evil Invaders
12.4.13 Le Ferrailleur, Nantes, France w/Monkey3, Glowsun
12.5.13 Le Galion, Loriente, France
12.6.13 Canadian Café, Tours, France
12.8.13 The Pit's, Kortijk, Belgium w/ Mr. Marcaille
12.9.13 Sonic Ballroom, Cologne, Germany w/ Phiasco
12.10.13 Minster's Bar, Stoke-On-Trent, UK w/ Dead City Souls, Fallen
12.11.13 Star And Garter, Manchester, UK w/ Groan, Molly Bloom, 10 Foot Wizard
12.12.13 Santiago Bar, Leeds, UK w/ Cut Yourself In Half
12.13.13 Sanctuary,Basingstoke, UK w/ Ded Orse, XII Boar, My Never Time, Overlord
12.14.13 Cirque Mystic, Aalst, Belgium
12.15.13 Dystopia, Den Hague, Netherlands w/ Hofstad Group

12.31.13 Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco, CA w/ Glitter Wizard, Pins Of Light FLYER
1.18.14  The Metro, Oakland, CA w/ Weedeater, Black Cobra, Glitter Wizard FLYER
2.20.14  Legionnaire Saloon, Oakland, CA w/ Wild Eyes, Buffalo Tooth, Chrome Eagle FLYER
3.7.14    Elbo Room, San Francisco, CA  w/ Glitter Wizard, Christian Mistress FLYER
3.29.14  Eli's Mile High Club, Oakland, CA w/Glitter Wizard, Dirty Fences FLYER
4.22.14  DNA Lounge, San Francisco, CA w/ Anvil, Wild Eyes, Midnight Chaser FLYER
5.10.14  1055 48th Street, Emeryville, CA w/ Elephant Rifle, Bedrücken FLYER
7.25.14  Thee Parkside, San Francisco, CA w/ Banquet, Mondo Drag, Male Bondage FLYER
7.26.14  The Hive, Oakland, CA w/ Apocalypse Now, Male Bondage, Nasty Dilemma
2.14.15  Bender's, San Francisco, CA w/ Older Sun, Sweetwater Black FLYER 1  FLYER2
5.9.15    Thee Parkside, San Francisco, CA w/Floating Goat, Brume FLYER

7.30.15  The Caravan, San Jose, CA w/ Occult Wisdom, Forgotten Gods, Blackwülf FLYER
7.31.15  Golden Bull, Oakland, CA w/ Saviours, Planes Of Satori, Ancient Rites FLYER
8.1.15    Cooper's Ale House, Nevada City, CA w/ Aequoria, Serpentcrown FLYER
8.2.15    1078 Gallery, Chico, CA w/ Abberance, Enslave The Creation, Waves Of Leviathan FLYER
8.3.15    Club 66, Ashland, OR w/ Cloak, Ekstasis
8.4.15    Interzone, Corvallis, OR w/ Ghost Fuzz FLYER
8.5.15    Le Voyeur, Olympia, WA FLYER
8.6.15    New Frontier, Tacoma, WA w/ R.I.P., Weird Tigers FLYER
8.7.15    Highline, Seattle, WA w/ Slough Feg, Skelator, R.I.P., Weld FLYER
8.8.15    Bunk Bar, Portland, OR w/ Pushy, R.I.P. FLYER

8.12.15  Old School Records, Kalispel, MT w/ Wizzerd, Brah FLYER

2.17.16 The Tavern Ventura, CA w/ Blasting Concept, Pale Hands FLYER
2.18.16 Time Out Lounge, Tempe, AZ w/ Dead Canyon, Hex Volt, Spoiled FLYER
2.19.16 The Merrow, San Diego, CA w/ Joy, Slow Season, Petyr FLYER
2.20.16 First Church Of The Buzzard, Oakland, CA w/ Joy, Pins Of Light FLYER

4.15.16 Bottom Of The Hill, San Francisco, CA w/ Black Plate, Rare Parts, It's All My Own... FLYER
5.14.16 Bender's Bar And Grill, San Francisco, CA w/ Wild Eyes, Moondrake FLYER
10.23.16  Golden Bull, Oakland, CA w/ Pushy, Hot Lunch, Banquet FLYER
11.10.16 Starline Social Club, Oakland, CA w/ Electric Citizen, Horisont FLYER
11.11.16 Ouija Club, San Francisco, CA w/ Necrot, Surprise Vacation FLYER
11.12.16 Blue Lagoon, Santa Cruz, CA w/ Oort Cloud, Winter Wind, Crown Chakras FLYER
11.28.16 Elbo Room, San Francisco, CA w/ Nik Turner's Hawkwind, Hedersleben FLYER
12.6.16 Golden Bull, Oakland, CA w/ R.I.P., Dealer FLYER
12.31.16 Bender's, San Francisco, CA (RUSH cover band) w/ Bobb Saggeth, Bottled Violence FLYER
1.21.17 924 Gilman Street, Berkeley, CA w/ Slow Season, Banquet, Drew Southern Band FLYER

3.22.17 Siren's Song Tavern, Eureka, CA w/ Blood Mandala, Black Plate FLYER
3.23.17 G Street Bar And Grill, Grant's Pass, OR 
3.24.17 Old Nick's Pub, Eugene, OR w/ Fox Medicine, Nunhunter FLYER
3.25.17 World Famous Kenton Club, Portland, OR w/ Klaw, Battle Axe Massacre, Skulldozer  FLYER
3.26.17 Mule Tavern, Tacoma, WA w/ Year Of The Cobra, Cardinal Wyrm FLYER

3.30.17 Hemlock, Tavern, San Francisco, CA w/ Dealer, Love Moon FLYER 
4.19.17 El Rio, San Francisco, CA w/ Rope Trick, Mesmer FLYER

4.21.17 Iron City Tavern, San Pedro, CA w/ Lords Of Beacon House, Fallen Suns, The Rare Breed FLYER 
4.22.17 Til Two, San Diego, CA w/ Desert Suns, Color FLYER
4.23.17 Pixels, Riverside, CA w/ Vietnam Hardcore, Habitat FLYER 

5.19.17 Golden Bull, Oakland, CA w/ Hightower, Gravedodger FLYER

6.7.17 Starlite, Sacramento, CA w/ Peace Killers, Wizzerd FLYER
6.8.17 Old Nick's, Eugene, OR w/ Emerald Mountain Band, Ellis Moore, Rock Forming Minerals
6.9.17 5th Dimension, Tacoma, WA w/ Manson's Girls, Blotterz, Ferarri Boys FLYER
6.10.17 Black Lodge, Seattle, WA w/ Quayde LaHue, Donzis
6.11.17 The Know, Portland, OR w/ Quayde La Hue, Phantom High FLYER
6.12.17 Elbo Room, San Francisco, CA w/ R.I.P., Hepatagua FLYER

10.5.17 Golden Bull, Oakland, CA w/ Savage Master, Skelator, Heröine FLYER
10.7.17 Bombay, Ventura, CA "FROST AND FIRE FEST" w/ Manilla Road, Cirith Ungol, etc. FLYER

5.31.18 Elbo Room, San Francisco, CA w/ Blackwülf FLYER
6.29.18 Eli's Mile High Club, Oakland, CA w/ Mammatus, Terry Gross, Your Leader FLYER 
7.11.18 Ivy Room, Albany, CA w/ Pushy, The Ugly FLYER
7.12.18 Deer Lodge, Ojai, CA w/ Railer, Char Man FLYER
7.13.18 The Lexington, Los Angeles, CA w/ Salem's Bend, The Rare Breed FLYER
7.14.18 Flagstaff Brewing Co., Flagstaff, AZ w/ Ice Sword, Subterranean Vision Serpent FLYER
7.15.18 Moonlight Lounge, Albuquerque, NM w/ Prey For Kali FLYER
7.16.18 Transit Bicycle Co., Dallas, TX w/ Wooden Earth FLYER
7.18.18 Eagle House, Murfreesboro, TN w/ Unorthodox, Toxic Culture FLYER
7.19.18 Sly Grog Lounge, Asheville, NC w/Augur
7.20.18 Wonderland, Richmond, VA w/ Sinister Haze, Mister Earthbound, Slump FLYER
7.21.18 Cobra Club, Brooklyn, NY w/Rattlesnake, Granpa Jack FLYER
7.22.18 Cherry Street Saloon, Wallingford, CT w/ Rattlesnake, Insano Vision FLYER
7.23.18 Nectar's, Burlington, VT w/ Savage Hen, Unflesh FLYER
7.25.18 Camp Clarke, Pittsburgh, PA w/ Lansbury, Cruces FLYER
7.26.18 Outer Limits, Detroit, MI w/ Bison Machine, Temple Of The Fuzz Witch FLYER
7.27.18 Quarters, Milwaukee, WI w/ Indonesian Junk, Vexnation
7.28.18 Reggie's, Chicago, IL "ALEHORN OF POWER" w/ High Spirits, Bible Of The Devil, etc. FLYER
7.29.18 The Wisco, Madison, WI w/ Dos Males FLYER
7.30.18 Memory Lanes, Minneapolis, MN w/ Changeling, Lungs
8.1.18 Squire Lounge, Denver, CO w/ Love Gang FLYER
8.2.18 Triple Nickel, Colorado Springs, CO w/ Cloud Temple, Spirit In The Flesh FLYER
8.3.18 Ridinghoods, Salt Lake City, UT w/ The Ditch And The Delta, Sunchaser FLYER
8.4.18 Shea's Tavern, Reno, NV w/ Coffin Raid, Flood Fire Death Drought FLYER
8.5.18 Bottom Of The Hill,  w/ Mammatus, Terry Gross, Carlton Melton FLYER

11.29.18 Elbo Room Jack London, Oakland, CA w/ Castle, Slough Feg FLYER
11.30.18 Blue Lamp, Sacramento, CA w/ Castle FLYER
1.25.19 111 Washington Street, Salinas, CA w/ Deathchant, Banquet, Winter Wind FLYER 
1.26.19 Eli's Mile Club, Oakland, CA w/ Ruby The Hatchet, Blow FLYER
2.8.19 Ouija Bar, San Francisco, CA w/ Vale, Black Plate, Androgynar FLYER 
2.16.19 Ivy Room, Albany, CA w/ Hot Lunch, Psychic Hit FLYER

3.29.19 Hong Kong Inn, Ventura, CA w/ Railer, Goat Rhythm, Dying To Be Dead, Civil Conflict FLYER
3.30.19 Pour House, Oceanside, CA w/ Colour, Velvet Merlin FLYER
3.31.19 Fourth Street Vine, Long Beach, CA w/ Zodiac Rippers, Adult Parts FLYER
4.2.19 The Knockout, San Francisco, CA w/ Wizzerd, The Bad Light FLYER

4.10.19 The Metro, Oakland, CA w/ Ufomammut, Larvae FLYER
6.11.19 Thee Parkside, San Francisco, CA w/ Flotsam and Jetsam, War Cloud FLYER

7.11.19 High Water Mark, Portland, OR w/ Purification, Pet Weapon, Glacial Fall FLYER
7.12.19 Belltown Yacht Club, Seattle, WA w/ Nudity, Nasty Bits FLYER
7.13.19 McCoy's Tavern, Olympia, WA w/ Quayde La Hüe, Pretty Lethal FLYER

12.13.19 Bottom Of The Hill, San Francisco, CA w/ Hot Lunch, Banquet FLYER


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  1. Digging "Screech" right now. Love to interview you on Radio Valencia.