Saturday, January 4, 2014


"You are about to party with the first volume of an ongoing series of seven-inch vinyl compilations, courtesy of Who Can You Trust? Records in Germany. Aptly titled "SWEET TIMES", the sum of these songs reflect those magic moments in rock ‘n’ roll when four great bands happen to be on the same bill. HOT LUNCH, GLITTER WIZARD, DIRTY FENCES and OVVL have all been there. They’ve shared various stages, gear and beer with each other. Speaking of beer, crack yourself open a cold one. Then drop the needle on the vinyl and turn up the volume. If you can’t make it out to the show tonight, that’s alright. We’re bringing the show to you!"

A1 - HOT LUNCH 'Love Is All Around Me' (Crushed Butler)
B1 - DIRTY FENCES 'Will Anything Happen' (Blondie)
B2 - OVVL 'Icewolf Awakening'



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